PW'18 Posters and Demonstrations

10th July 2018 3pm-5pm

Accepted Posters

Vítor Silva, Renan Souza, Jose Camata, Daniel de Oliveira, Patrick Valduriez, Alvaro Coutinho and Marta Mattoso. Capturing Provenance for Runtime Data Analysis in Computational Science and Engineering Applications
André Giesler, Myriam Czekala and Björn Hagemeier. UniProv Provenance Management for UNICORE Workflows in HPC Environments
Wisam Alabbasi and Adel Taweel. Provenance-based Root Cause Analysis for Revenue Leakage Detection: Telecommunication Case Study
Nicholas John Car, David Dubin and Paolo Missier. Research Data Alliance’s Provenance Pattern Working Group
Milan Markovic, David Corsar, Waqar Asif, Peter Edwards and Muttukrishnan Rajarajan. Towards Transparency of IoT Message Brokers
Sergio Manuel Serra Da Cruz, Marcos Bacis Ceddia, Renan Carvalho Távora Miranda, Gabriel Santiago Rizzo, Filipe Klinger, Renato Cerceau, Ricardo Mesquita, Ricardo Cerceau, Elton Carneiro Marinho, Eber Assis Schmitz, Eliane Sigette and Pedro Vieira Cruz. Data Provenance in Agriculture
Pinar Alper, Regina Becker, Venkata Satagopam, Christophe Trefois, Valentin Groues, Jacek Lebioda and Yohan Jarosz. Provenance-Enabled Stewardship of Human Data in the GDPR era
Sara Boutamina, James Millington and Simon Miles. Bottleneck Patterns in Provenance
Bernard Roper, Adriane Chapman, David Martin and Jeremy Morley. A Graph Testing Framework for Provenance Network Analytics
Anastasia Galkin, Kristin Riebe and Ole Streicher. Provenance for astrophysical data
Andreas Heuer and Tanja Auge. Combining Provenance Management and Schema Evolution
David Corsar, Milan Markovic and Peter Edwards. Capturing the Provenance of Internet of Things Deployments
Sarah Oppold and Melanie Herschel. Provenance for Entity Resolution
Harshvardhan Jitendra Pandit, Declan O’sullivan and Dave Lewis. Extracting Provenance Metadata from Privacy Policies
Elliot Fairweather, Pinar Alper, Talya Porat and Vasa Curcin. Architecture for Template-driven Provenance Recording
Andreas Ruscheinski, Dragana Gjorgevikj, Marcus Dombrowsky, Kai Budde and Adelinde M. Uhrmacher. Towards an Open Provenance Model Profile for Simulation Models
Nicholas John Car. Case Base Reasoning decision support using the DecPROV ontology for decision modelling
Jyothish Soman, Thomas Bytheway, Lucian Carata, Nikilesh Balakrishnan and Ripduman Sohan. Evidence of Power-law structure in Provenance graphs
Raza Ahmad, Melanie Bru and Ashish Gehani. Streaming Provenance Compression
Alexander Rasin, Tanu Malik and James Wagner. Where Provenance in Database Storage

Accepted Demonstrations

Shen Xu, Elliot Fairweather, Toby Rogers and Vasa Curcin. Implementing Data Provenance in Health Data Analytics Software
Ryan Wright. Quine: a Temporal Graph System for Provenance Storage and Analysis